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Product Design Checklist - Reading Notes

An effective design thoroughly addresses the underlying problem, the expression of a solution in UI, and the implementation of that solution. It’s a multilayered stack that should add up to a design that supports your ultimate goals.

Early stage checklist:

A great app will address a clearly laid out problem hypothesis which is instantly recognizable to the target user group.

  • What is the underlying problem and can it be described succinctly?

  • Who is your user and will they recognize themselves as the audience?

  • Is the problem interesting, addressing a real user need, and is it worth valuable designer and developer time?

  • Has the problem been contextualized with in a typical user's journey?

  • Is the problem solvable with a technology solution? Be sure to frame the problem as solvable with the resources you have.

Mid- stage checklist:

  • Is your design actually addressing the problem all stakeholders have agreed upon?

  • Is the architecture and organization of the app or feature intuitive?

  • Is information hierarchy clearly expressed both through visual and interaction design? Don't clutter your user's primary task flow.

  • Are you colors delightful and useful? Is the gridded layout guiding the eye through date, and is your text the right size to be readable?

  • Does the motion design support the information architecture, guide the user through the flow, and match your brand's character?

  • Are you using predictable UI patterns that are recognizable and appropriable for the platform? apps do?

  • Are you overusing predictable patterns such as cards because many popular

  • Does a new user come away with the correct description of what your app can do for them, and can the user get all the way through to the end of a major task?

  • Does the solution show off why people should be using your product over others?

  • Is your brand fully present and cam your users distinguish your app from your competitor's?

Post-implementation checklist:

  • How close to design spec is the engineering implementation? Is all interaction, visual, and motion design implemented as it was intended, and is there any inadvertent "janK" making the experience less than perfect?

  • Are the text strings on screen helpful and clear? Thoughtless writhing makes UI confusing.

  • Are you inadvertently alienating users? Watch out for issues in the areas of accessibility and internationalization for different languages.

  • Is it a good player in the platform and device ecosystem? Does it use notifications appropriately, is it screen orientation-independent, and does it support a variety of screen sizes?

A great app will have beautiful design that is on-brand and executed with expertise and loving care. The implementation should be robust enough to accommodate all users.The full expression-problem, solution, implementation- should hold together in a compelling package.

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